Travel and tourism are part and parcel of contemporary culture. People can have many different motives for leisure travelling: releasing stress from work and everyday life, being active outdoors, socialising with family and friends, experiencing nature, being able to express emotions with less inhibition, and learning about other places. In short: travelling for leisure relates to many if not all wellness dimensions.

WellStyle promotes wellness travel and believes in its positive impact on health. We are introducing a new destination, a hidden place to discover: Estonia. For us it is not a new country, it is our second home. Its four seasons are fascinating, its forests and wetlands are beautiful and there is a lot more to discover. We are proud to invite you!

We are convinced that Estonia has a lot to offer to the active and curious traveller, in particular nature and open space.  Slightly larger than The Netherlands, Estonia has only 7% of its population. What is more, large parts of the country are easily accessible by bicycle and on foot due to the absence of mountains. Estonia is just as flat as The Netherlands: its highest point Big Egg Mount (Suur Munamägi) at 318 meters above sea level is just 4 meters lower than the Mount of Vaals (Vaalserberg), the Dutch summit. The natural accessibility is further enhanced by a growing infrastructure of hiking trails and, more recently, bike paths.

Despite its potential, Estonia is not widely known in western-European markets as a destination for active holiday-making. At the moment it caters mainly to domestic tourists and to tourists from neighbouring countries, in particular Finland. Visitors from other markets mainly stay in the tourist centres of the capital Tallinn, the spa and beach resort Pärnu and a few other urban areas. Venturing into other parts of Estonia is not easy. Practical information (e.g. on bus services, hiking routes, cultural events) is difficult to acquire for tourists, and much of it is only available in Estonian. As a result, visitors stay in standard hotels in tourist centres, and do not come to experience the authentic, wild and adventurous Estonia. A pity!

WellStyle aims to act as a broker between the wishes of Dutch wellness and adventurous tourists travelling to Estonia and the hidden opportunities that this country has to offer. We cooperate with travel agents, spas and other organisations and provide our services through a website offering tailored travel programmes, designed according to the customer needs.

As a general philosophy, WellStyle programmes support the movements of slow food and life, are in harmony with the local life, and promote small farms in remote areas of the county. WellStyle is about creating unique experiences. 

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We are happy to share our wellness travel experiences with you in the form of a blog and a photo gallery.

All photos are taken by WellStyle. 

Experience the four seasons in the deep forests of Estonia. Learn to listen to the rain and wind. Meditate and find your balance. Enjoy the ultimate tranquility!

forest autumn colours, Estonia

In Estonia, true silence can still be enjoyed around the country. Places that are ’in the middle of nowhere’ are not hard to find. Population densities are very low in a large part of the country and the infrastructure network is relatively modest. Take a bike or take a hike and just enjoy the sound of wind in the trees, of birds singing, or, if it is really quiet, the sound of ants going about their daily routines in their nest. In winter, silence is a particularly powerful sensation. Most animal and plant life is in resting mode and the few sounds that are left, are quickly smothered in the the thick layers of snow that cover the country.

winter wilderness in Estonia

Autumn is a beautiful season to visit Estonia. The trees in its deciduous and mixed forests display a wide variety of autumn colours, including many shades of red, yellow, orange and brown. In particular the country’s swamps and peat fields are worth visiting in autumn. Their lack of trees and other tall vegetation guarantees an unimpeded view of the landscape and all its colours. Swamps and peat fields are notoriously difficult to enter, of course, but in Estonia many of them have been made accessible by installing boardwalks. Tolkuse bog (Tolkuse raba in Estonian) is a nice example. Located along the road between Pärnu and the Latvian border, it offers an impressive and colourful landscape that can be enjoyed from a kilometres-long boardwalk. Information displays and an observation tower add to the experience.

Experience life in nature while hiking in the wilderness. Canoeing and camping. Mushroom picking. Bird watching. Wildlife. 


Pack your backpack and go hiking in a forest or meadow. Hiking trails are well developed and signposted in Estonia. They take you through the picturesque landscapes of a green country. You can stop at a lake or river side and camp there. Imagine yourself sitting at the fire and watching the sunset, or taking a refreshing bath at sunrise with nobody else around. You can watch birds and wildlife while you are hiking; have a rest and humble meal at a local farm. If you prefer open spaces, choose the coast instead. Tall pine trees and beautiful sandy beaches relax all your senses. The seawater is not too salty and keeps its freshness also in the middle of the summer. You are able to do all this with a little guidance, good preparation and right equipment. The experience is unique and rewarding!

mushroom picking

Mushroom picking is a favourite autumn pastime for many Estonians. Whereas many Dutch are horrified by the thought of picking mushrooms in the forests (they might be poisonous!) many Estonians take pride in knowing their mushrooms. Their parents taught them which mushrooms are tasty, which are merely edible, which are poisonous and which turn from poisonous to tasty after boiling. A mushroom picking tour with an Estonian opens your eyes to the wealth of food available in the forests, also back home in the Netherlands. Since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, a mushroom picking expedition is not complete without cleaning the mushrooms, preparing a traditional Estonian mushroom sauce and enjoying it on some freshly boiled potatoes. Head isu! (Enjoy!)

Experience local history through legends and stories. Visit hidden pearls in remote regions.

Paluküla church in Hiiumaa

History has left its traces everywhere in Estonia. Some of the most remarkable traces are its manors. Manors, or mõisad in Estonian, were built by the German nobility that had a dominant position in the country centuries ago. Most of the manors were abandoned in the 1920s and 1930s. Today, Estonia boasts more than 1200 manor, spread around the country. Many of them are worth a look; some of them can even be visited. Often, a manor provides an entry point for diving into a locality’s history and for enjoying the landscape from a cultural perspective. For those interested in their history and beauty, manors can be the focal points for a discovery tour of Estonia.

Pöide church in Saaremaa