Do you want to improve your services in spa?

Are you looking for training courses about wellness concept?

Wellness tourism is the fastest growing branch of tourism industry. The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) recently published a report that indicates global wellness tourism revenues have grown by 14% between 2013 and 2015, more than twice the overall tourism growth rate. GWI predicts another 37.5% of growth over the coming five years. These numbers clearly show the huge challenges the spas and wellness centres are facing today. More and better qualified staff, higher quality in services, new and innovative products - all that and much more is needed to meet the needs of spa guests. 

Spas and health centres have to adapt to the fact that providing single services and treatments is not sustainable, because it does not satisfy the customers enough; the spa services must go beyond single treatments, become multifunctional and have a holistic approach to better serve the overall well-being of the clients. WellStyle promotes the idea of complex, personally tailored spa and wellness services that are targeted to the individual as a whole.

How can WellStyle help you?

How to design spa services according to the holistic approach? What changes does the spa need to meet the new criteria?

These and many other questions can be answered with the help of WellStyle consultant. 

WellStyle brings you the knowledge about wellness concept and helps you to design your services accordingly. Being actively involved in spa and wellness education, we have gained experience in building bridges between professional education and the spa and wellness industry. Together we will find out more about your clients, about their needs and interests. We will guide you through the service design process and create authentic true holistic services combined with rituals and unique stories that make your spa stand out from the competitors. 

The holistic approach in spa service design is a global trend based on international wellness tourism demands. Customers are looking for balanced services that satisfy their bodies, minds and souls. Every single move and step the spa takes has to be part of the holistic service, targeted to the wellbeing of the client, creating a personalised and authentic wellness experience.

Our approach

Let us critically check your spa menu together and redesign it according to the principles of wellness, following the holistic approach. We use different service design methods and tools to find out the problems and take action accordingly. We work closely together with your staff, we discuss the findings; present the possible outcomes and test them; collect feedback from clients and continue the process until the positive result.

  • We check your present spa menu against the principles of wellness

  • We change or redesign the weakest points in the menu, following the holistic approach

  • We identify and discuss training needs for your spa personnel to raise their awareness and professionalism

You are welcome to contact WellStyle for a call, consultancy or a meeting.