Loving forest

Oh how much I like the sunny forest full with a sweet blueberry smell full of light! How very appealing it is to follow its invitation and step into this magnificent temple, every time different, surprising, unique setting.

Cool and fresh in the morning, warm and welcoming during the day, mysterious and dark at night. Forest gives us such a positive feeling every time, even a short walk in a shady greenery changes our mood, makes us feel happy and grateful.

Forest in Paikuse, Estonia.
Photo by Kai Tomasberg

Come, don’t be afraid. Step inside and be still. Take time to observe the life around you. Forest lives and breathes! It has its own colours, smells and sounds. The wind sings its songs and the mossy soil smells different in a warm sunny day than after a rain. Every moment is different. Everything is in movement.

Forest is a place to be. Just you and nobody else. Alone with yourself. However, remember that you are there one of the characters in the woods together with so many other living souls! Be polite, be humble. Don’t disturb anybody with your presence. There is enough space for everybody.

Admire the beauty of the nature. Observe, listen, touch. Trees are there like silent giant friends surrounding you, guiding you towards the light, towards the inner harmony. They hold you gently and swing your senses until you find back your balance.
Stay silent and wait until a deep calmness enters your body, takes away the sorrow and heals you.

Breathe. Breathe deeply and open up to accept this beautiful gift that the forest offers you. This gift is priceless. You only need to learn the language of the forest to understand the wind and the trees.

Forest in Paikuse, Estonia.
Photo by Kai Tomasberg

Whisper together with the trees, sing with them. Open your soul and let this rhythm and melody enter you. Take the song with you when you leave the forest. It is pure love that you receive when you entered the forest with the open heart.

Kai Tomasberg

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