What colour is autumn?

What colour is autumn? Is it yellow as shining cold, rich and generous? Is it bright red as the lips of a gorgeous elegant woman, sending you a hidden smile? Or perhaps it is orange like a beautiful fruit – fresh and juicy, ready to be enjoyed.

There is another colour that reminds me of autumn: terracotta. That red-brown-orange melange of colours is extremely warm and friendly. It is like an open fireplace inviting you to have an intimate quiet moment in a cosy warm corner. Or like endless rows of ceramic pots on the shelves in the market. It is a colour of shoes and sweet warm sweaters that I like to take out of the closet after a warm summer season.

Autumn gold. Photo taken by Kai Tomasberg

Brown is an autumn colour. It contains yellow and red, and black. Brown is earth, brown are mushrooms in the forest, and brown are the leaves under my shoes on the wet streets after rain. Brown is the nature when the colour parade is over. I think brown even has a smell that comes with the end of autumn. It is a smell of earth – calm and reassuring that everything is going to be just fine.

Mushrooms in the forest. Photo taken by Kai Tomasberg

Is blue also an autumn colour? Blue is the colour of timeless hopes and freedom to dream. The blue sky is like an open door to the future where everything is possible. It is a colour of our thoughts and clear mind but also of our pure soul and peaceful innocence. For me blue represents spring, a season of new life.

Autumn clouds. Photo taken by Kai Tomasberg

Autumn is a closure. Although a season of rich colours, it is a bit of a charade. It seems as if autumn is partying with us, but in reality it is in a hurry to clean up for a long quiet rest afterwards.
Autumn is like an old woman decorating herself with bright colours, whishing to be still young. It is too hard to admit the passing time and accept the present.

Noticing the end of the warm season makes us sad. Sadness looks grey. Rain is grey, and so are the raindrops on the window and tears in our eyes. Grey is an autumn colour, desperate and low in energy. There is no power in this colour, any other colour can shine on it. Grey is a quiet moment.

Misty autumn morning. Photo taken by Kai Tomasberg

Winter comes and turns sad grey raindrops into beautiful white snowflakes. It brings light and cool colours that brighten the sky. Look at the sunrise and sunset in winter, deep purple and clear pink together with thin, almost transparent blue! Magnificent!

But what about green? Is green an autumn colour? I like to think that yes, although new fresh green appears only in spring, with the warm sun and first rain. That frivolous green is different from mature, deep and calm green in autumn. Conifers remain green, despite the cold and dark season. Green are the plants we keep on our window sills. Green is a colour of balance and universal peace. Green is life. It is always present in the nature.

Mountain ash. Photo taken by Kai Tomasberg

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