Spa and Wellness

Spa and wellness

Spas provide a wide range of health services and serve therefore as sanctuaries for overall well- being. Historically the natural mineral water was the central element used for various treatments. The tradition of using spring water was widely used in Creek and Roman history, later in many other European countries (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Great Britain).

The places known for their healing water quickly developed to resorts and spa towns offering additionally accommodation, food and leisure to travellers coming to “take the waters”. The curative water helped against many health problems (digestion, muscle and joints pain, insomnia, stress). First people had to drink the water and bathe in it to get well again. Socialising as an important part was always included to the holiday.

Later, in 18th century, the sea water was also called as curative and people started to travel to the sea side. Bathing in the sea water has first strictly supervised by the doctors but developed later quickly to a modern habit for upper class. The sea side resorts became popular attracting travellers with sea water, beach, fresh air and sun (Great Britain, Germany, France but also Estonia and Latvia). All these elements had curative character. Spending time outside on the beach was not only requested by doctors but also a popular social rule. New spas opened in coastal towns offering additional health services, the natural spring water was not used there.

Nowadays there are spas for everybody with different interests and different needs. The main idea of treating people with water has remained in the background and the spas concentrate on prevention instead. The services are concentrating not only on physical but more on mental health, fighting stress, fatigue and burn out. Very popular are consultations with specialists on nutrition and physical training that could help to develop healthy lifestyle.

Spa and wellness merge in holistic services targeted to body, mind and soul. That holistic approach takes in consideration more than one aspect of our overall well- being. We are talking about holistic services contributing to improvement our physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social wellness.

There are many ways spas can improve our health. Saunas, swimming pools and Jacuzzis; quiet relaxing rooms and yoga classes; breathing exercises and aroma massage; Nordic walking and floating; sound therapy and reflexology – the list of spa services is endless.