Spas are sanctuaries for our health. They are places devoted to balance the body- mind and spirit; to prevent illnesses and promote healthy lifestyle. Spa services are always complex including many different elements that all contribute to the health. A complex holistic spa service reaches the physical, emotional and environmental, often also social and sometimes even spiritual dimension of wellness. Creating holistic services spas are able to offer memorable and fulfilling experiences to their guests.

The design of a holistic spa and wellness service brings together and connects customers, service providers, services, environment and stakeholders.

How can we help?

  • By improving your services

We are helping your business to develop and implement holistic approach to spa services by providing profound consultancy on spa service design.

The consultation helps spas to improve their existing services in a holistic way by using service design methods.

The process involves:

  • exploration phase (analyses of the services, observation, identification of problems)
  • creation phase (customer journey mapping, interviews, involvement of all interests groups, development of proto-type)
  • testing and reflexion phase
  • implementation.


  • Providing tailored training courses for your business

Happy, well trained and motivated staff is the most valuable asset for a business. Every staff member needs to know about the vision and mission of the business but also about spa and wellness in general, about the philosophy behind it. In order to perform a truly holistic spa service, spa personnel needs to share the same values and understanding of the spa concept.


  • WellStyle offers workshops and/or training courses specifically designed for your needs.
  • Consulting schools and other educational institutions on development and delivery of spa and wellness related study programmes and courses.


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